[INV002] M. SAVANT STIFLESON – ‘Ga Garden’ 3″ CDr 4€
MSavantStifleson_GaGardenSince more than 20 years, Californian cyberdelic artist Jme Gugginø has been involved into numerous musical projects, ranging from rock (Dreadnot, Zide) to industrial/noise music (QUUQ, Xyphosenphia), but his current endeavour as M. Savant Stifleson is definitely his most surprising one. He has indeed managed to summon into a medley of exquisite miniatures the quintessence of his musical wanderings, without it looking like a shambles or a clumsy juxtaposition of over-experimental tunes. Instead, in Ga Garden, M. Savant Stifleson delivers a journey through truly new musical microcosms, a lush cascade of micro-cyberpop gems and fragmented glitch-funk pieces where Dada-meets-Joyce musical structures and post-language poetry are flowing intertwined.

[INV001] ICHTYOR TIDES – ‘Mortisle Elytrion’ CDr 5€
IchtyorTides_MortisleElytrionOn Mortisle Elytrion, their first LP to date, Ichtyor Tides refines their sound into explorations of the mighty structures of glitches, forged in acidified lakes of drones. This time, sharpen in the core of this barbed stream, an insidious spoken word poetry sometimes emerges. With its beats, its clicks, its glitches and its noises as such lethal metronomes of our daily routine, Mortisle Elytrion draws the shape of the industrial version of the Isle of the Dead (as a modern day Arnold Böcklin would picture it), that lies behind every factory, every office building, every urban structure that sucks you from your self-conscious being and draws you into a mechanical hell of boredom, despair and resignation. Exclusive cover art from visual artist g.cl4renko.


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