DNT067 – Digital Natives – ‘Long Homesweetened Entry’ CS $6(US)/$16(World)
If you’re unfamiliar with the brolific catalogue of Jeff Astin’s Digital Natives, then oh do you have some catching up to do! Take the warped Americana journey through a thrifted sound collage that sounds like it was sourced from a salvaged tape deck found in the desert. Professionally duplicated yellow cassettes with hand-glued labels and a double-sided text collage from vintage sources individually hand-colored with a unique DNT spraybottle-watercolor concoction.

DNT068 – DJ DJ Tanner – ‘Home Entertainment’ CS $6(US)/$16(World)
I first heard DJ DJ Tanner a few years back when I received a mysterious package from the label Warm Gospel, which included two DJ DJ Tanner tapes. I was immediately hooked by his use of mesmerizing found sound samples and loops. On this tape you get twenty songs that seem to emerge fully developed, then fading just as quickly..like a less avant-garde and slightly more expansive version of the Residents’ “Commercial Album.” This tape was recorded in March of 2013 and edited at Manifest Station. All sounds on this tape originated from vinyl. Professionally duplicated red cassettes with hand-glued labels and impressive home-entertainment-system-artwork, individually hand-colored with a unique DNT spraybottle-watercolor concoction. Comes with a 16-panel folded mini-poster/zine, also handcolored. Limited to 100.

DNT066 – Uton – ‘Kun Korallit Puhuvat Pilville’ CS $6(US)/$16(World)
DNT is proud to announce this new cassette by Finnish ayahuasca-droner Uton. Jani Hirvonen instructs the listener to use stereo headphones. For a stronger effect, listen near midnight in a dark room (or with minimal light). Do not let anything else disturb you. Recorded in Rennes, France to four-track July-August 2010. Originally slated for release as a bonus cassette with “Echoes in the Wonderland” LP (DNT058), it now sees the light of day. Full color deep-sea two-panel artwork on pro-dubbed purple cassettes with brain coral imprinting. Hand numbered out of 100.

DNT064 – Bobb Bruno – ‘Black Gel’ CS $6(US)/$16(World)
A warm welcome back to the tuff bunny, Bobb Bruno. “Black Gel” started as a synth improv on Korg Delta, Nord Wave, Casiotone MT400V and DSI Tetra in his bedroom, later properly recorded in same bedroom. Best listened to with the lights off. For “Years” Bobb was fortunate enough to get Sheridan Riley (drums, Avi Buffalo) and Cameron Stallones (guitars, Sun Araw, Magic Lantern) to play on the track. lectronics/psych head nodder. An edition of 100 hand numbered pro-dubbed and imprinted tapes with a scary mutated-bunny-swan design.

DNT033 – Bobb Bruno – ‘Clown’s Castle’ CS $6(US)/$16(World)
We have now reissued “Clown’s Castle” after being out of print less than 48 hours since it’s 2008 release. Same music, same artwork, in an edition of 100. Here’s what we said the first time around: “I first saw Bobb Bruno about two years ago at The Smell in downtown LA. I had heard of him prior to the show (he also plays in Goliath Bird Eater and Knit Witch, among others) but didn’t really know what to expect from him by himself, and live. He came out wearing a full bunny costume, head and all and sat down playing the coolest electronic drum pad I’ve ever seen. Some of his past releases have been dreamy pop, others have been heavy as nails. This tape falls somewhere in between. One minute there’s beautiful synthscapes and the next it’s heavy bass and pounding drums. Hand-numbered edition of 79 on purple cassettes with full-color piggie artwork by Bobb Bruno.”

DNT041 – Mudboy/Ducktails – ‘Summer of Saucers’ split CS $6(US)/$16(World)
The Summer of Saucers is here again! Relive the glory daze of a summery psychosis. Same creeped out G.W. Myers artwork, but this time we used a green shell instead of blue, in an edition of 100. Here’s what we said the first time around:Well the summer is coming to an end now and I can’t think of a better way to end it than with this tape, “Summer of Saucers”. The A-Side is Providence’s Raphael Lyon, better known as Mudboy. The side starts off by the lakeside, and you can hear frogs and geese nearby. It slowly builds up with keyboards coming into the picture before fading back to where it started. Lazy day at the river. It is also part one of his “Impossible Duets” series of songs. The flipside is New Jersey’s Matt Mondanile aka Ducktails. Ducktails has been described by someone as “ectoplasmic and cartoonishly cosmic bliss” and with song titles such as “Chill Jam” and “Sun Out My Window” you’ll be apt to agree. Colourful conehead artwork by George W. Myers of Grey Skull/Breaking World Records. In an edition of 100 pro-dubbed blue tapes.


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