Tranquility Tapes

Giant Claw – ‘Max Mutant’ C22 $7.5(US)/$11.5(CAN)/$14.5(WORLD)
Giant Claw - Max Mutant c22 smallHalf of Cream Juice and Orange Milk Records as well as one hell of a visual artist, Keith Rankin has shred his way across many cassetes and several vinyl releases over the past few years as Giant Claw. An unbelievably nimble musician on many different instruments, Rankin applies his techniques and throws some choice genres into a blender on Max Mutant. Dashes of library music, minimal techno, and sci-fi soundtracks are tossed into the mix, but a heavy element of free jazz dominates throughout. Rankin adds sampled and live drums as well as other percussive elements to the synth onslaught for ferocious results. Each track unfolds at a breakneck pace, barely giving the listener a moment to breath as Rankin twists keys and skins together into an intense stampede of sound that can stop and start on a dime. The release couldn’t be more aptly named, as this is truly music at its most maxed out and mutated…served up for your pleasure. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Edition of 100.

Seth Graham – ‘Creaky Clumsy’ C18 $7.5(US)/$11.5(CAN)/$14.5(WORLD)
Seth Graham - Creaky Clumsy c18 smallThe other half of Cream Juice and Orange Milk Records, Seth Graham used to record as Henry Dawson but now goes under his birth name. Creaky Clumsy finds him refining his unique style even more and showcasing a distinct ability to do a lot in a relatively short amount of time. By manipulating samples from both analog and digital sources through modular filters and effects, Graham creates a wondrous world of sound within each track. Moving quickly between moments that are alternately beautiful, gross, hilarious, and confusing, the tracks come together as a whole to convey so many of the conflicting feelings ecstasy and awkwardness that are encapsulated within the human condition. Remarkably, Graham does this without any grand, sweeping gestures, but instead through short, bursting movements that feel intimate, personal, and relatable at once. His music is moving, but, perhaps even more importantly, it’s also extremely fun. That’s certainly no small feat. Features guest appearances by Foodman and Giant Claw. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Edition of 100.

Loud & Sad – ‘Whale Fall Volume Two’ C40 $7.5(US)/$11.5(CAN)/$14.5(WORLD)
Loud and Sad - Whale Fall Volume 2 SmallTwo accomplished solo musicians in their own right, Nathan McLaughlin and Joe Houpert have been performing collaboratively as Loud & Sad since 2006. The music they make together embodies the powerful adjectives that make up the project’s name and so much more. Back in 2010, Digitalis Limited issued the first volume of their five-part Whale Fall series, named after ecosystem that develops on the ocean floor after a whale dies and the carcass decays. ‘Whale Fall Volume Two’ finds the duo drifting deeper into the state of decay, with an engrossing mix tape loops and synthesizer murk that mix textured drips and deep, cavernous drones with subtly expanding melodies. It’s music that is almost felt as much as it is heard. Though it is a logical extension of the previous release in the series, it should also be noted that it can be fully enjoyed and appreciated on its own. This is your opportunity to join McLaughlin and Houpert on their journey all the way down to the abyssal zone. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Edition of 100.

Witchbeam – ‘Shadow Musick Vol. 1’ C30 $7.5(US)/$11.5(CAN)/$14.5(WORLD)
Witchbeam - Shadow Musick c30 smallAs a member of Telecult Powers, Hex Breaker Quintet, and other groups, Witchbeam has been involved in releasing some of the most freaked out and zoned in synthesizer music in recent times. Though he doesn’t have many solo releases to his own name, that is no indicator of how productive he has been as a solo artist over the years. Collecting recordings made while Witchbeam lived in New Orleans, LA, ‘Shadow Music Vol. 1’ offers up a wide variety of truly stunning and deeply personal work. Buzzing oscillators mix with site-specific sounds ranging from relaxing wind chimes to intense voodoo drumming. Witchbeam is deeply engrained and incredibly knowledgeable about all things occult, and corresponding themes run deep throughout the release, with clever nods to alchemy, UFOs, Discordianism, and more. It’s powerful stuff, and though the sounds can be dark and chaotic, Witchbeam’s agenda is crystal clear. As the artist himself says, “Hopefully you can use this cassette to smash your ego a bit, get your head straight, and get back to the source.” Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Edition of 100.

All Four New Tapes: $24(US)/$30(CAN)/$35(World)


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