Ghetto Naturalist Series

GNS-053 SECTION 35 – ‘Her Blues X You’ 2xC20
recorded summer 2013= tribute to embracing the space between the indoor and the outdoor. ed.25. art by nb.

GNS-052 GX Juppiter-Larsen/Dao De Noize C20
stellar split. drawing you in and in= freaky and scorched- 2 10 min sides serves well on these narratives- like 2 births/deaths? juss dial in- suuper good. ed. 60 art by Thomas.

GNS-051 FOSSILS – ‘World Canvas’ C60
ba! there’s a fine line btwn the soil and the stars- measured in sound= dialing in naturally= this long player flirts with the big pic, tickles with the sharpest switch- psyched for FOSSILS 3rd GNS release-if you haven’t been keeping up, i recommend the recent beauty at cardinal records and mjc-ed. 40 art by thomas.

GNS-050 Robert Ridley-Shackleton C32
been diggin Rob’s sounds looong time- this spin will tip you proper- everything you wanted to begin with served with attitude – heavy trip – totally recommend checkin anything you can by him- = genuine. lost fer werds- love the world of no strings, bs, blah, robert lives these sounds- dig. ed. of 50 art by Thomas.

over the top always gooood- thiz one fits the bender- i recommend you check pronto. if you only got decks and tables, thrift a disc playa, worth it just for this. These 2 images are a taste of the 10 original paintings Thomas created for the limited art ed. – reg. ed. of 30 is good to go=killer art too- psyched on these trks- art ed/10 reg ed/30 art by Thomas.


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