Fleeting Youth

Mumblr – ‘White Jesus Black God’
MumblrwjbgMumblr consists of four friends who share a row home in the gritty neighborhood of Kensington in North Philadelphia. They dub their brand of noisy alternative rock “fuzz punk,” a made up sub-genre that will make sense after you hear their raucous songs full of heavily distorted guitars, clamoring drums, and impassioned shouts encouraging you to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Side A (White Jesus) contains their acclaimed EP White Jesus where the band “shows a knack for melody and a great ability to flick the switch between accessible and abrasive with ease” with standout songs like “Father’s Day,” an ode to an absent father that fluctuates from petulant introspection into flat out distorted rage; “Ape,” a pounding song about drugs with a nervous pace; and “Puke,” with its pensive one-liners followed by bursts of furiously emotive chants pleading, “I don’t know anything why do you lie to me?!” Side B (Black God) contains one of their most recent singles, “Philadelphia,” a portrait of the city they live in, followed by their even more frenetic and fuzzed-out 2013 EP Nutter. Full of fleeting 2-minute burners about teaching yourself to be a man (“Good Cop, Dad Cop”), meeting girls on the internet when you’re feeling lonely (“Yo, Nobody Gives a Feel”), and the end of days (“Space God”), Side B shows a band coming into their own and staking a claim on the urgent, angsty, and addictive new sub-genre: “fuzz punk.” We love Mumblr and are very excited to bring you this awesome double-banger! It will be available digitally and on cassette November 12th. Mumblr and another FYR band are currently setting up a release show for BOTH of their releases, so stay tuned for more info!


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