Tor Lundvall – ‘Structures and Solitude’ 5CD $25
Tor Lundvall’s elegant soundtracks have been captured onto nine full length albums and collected within various compilations, raising his stature as one of the most abundant craftsman within the field of ambient music. Lundvall’s second box set for Dais features a 5 disc collection of more recent works including the albums Empty City and Last Light, as well as CD versions of the vinyl-only albums Sleeping & Hiding and The Shipyard. Additionally, the fifth disc in the collection entitled Night Studies compiles Lundvall’s “after hours” recording sessions, setting the atmospheric tone for the ensemble. All discs include previously unreleased bonus tracks with a booklet and artwork by Tor Lundvall. As a limited edition bonus, a special 50 copy “art edition” of the box will contain one original oil study artwork from Tor Lundvall, each one contains a different original artwork.

COUM Transmissions – ‘Home Aged & The 18 Month Hope’ LP
The most recent installment of the rare & unheard archival recordings from the transgressive 70′s performance art group COUM Transmissions. Founded in late 1969 by Genesis P-Orridge, COUM Transmissions’s provocative performances mixed with visual art solidified the group as one of the most forward thinking breakthroughs within the 70′s conceptual art scene. Only in the past couple years has COUM’s recorded works seen the light of day. This release collects various selections spanning the years 1971 through 1975, including a rare live performance opening for Hawkwind, lost radio interview, obtuse poetry readings by early member Fizzey Peat, piano & violin compositions by Genesis P-Orridge and insightful field recordings. Limited to 1,000 vinyl copies.

Youth Code s/t LP $18
Youth Code needs no introduction. They’ve taken LA (and the world) by storm in less than a year. Their demo tape threw the scene on it’s side, and their 7″ on Angry Love quickly followed up with another uppercut of strict BPM.


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