Baronic wall – ‘the blank centuries’ 5€
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa collection of synthetic songs dedicated randomly and non-exhaustively to: anticipated past, negative stalking techniques, silent melancoly. welcome into the baronic world.

Femme – ‘le codex animal’ 5€
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthe celebration of electricity – nothing more, nothing less. the contradiction between conventions and the updated true concerning electrons displacement. field recording from the inside of your integrated circuits. the crackling of internal life of your remote control.

DMZ – ‘le pantocrator’ 5€
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmachines voices electronics potentiometers stunts. warning : contemporary art is watching you : concept tape. two versions were created simultaneously and appart from each other – these were based on the same recording sessions. result : one master per side. dont even think about censorship. yeah deadly conceptual. you’ll choose or not.


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