Syrin Records

Feffe – ‘Uendelig Kos’ LP 15
feffecoveruendeligliten12″ vinyl lp matt sleeves – limited edition of 250 copies. Feffe is a norwegian musician, producent and bedroom visionary with a background in the deep forests of Vestfold and the majestic fjords of Sunnmøre. Feffe has been active in the norwegian music underground since the mid nineties, in many different constellations and musical genres, from black metal to free improvisation and beyond. These days Feffe is the bassguitarist with psychedelic rock trio WIND and avant-metalists Tremoro Tarantura. As long as Feffe can remember he has been improvising and composing music, and for the last couple of years it has begun to crystallize into something definite and personal. Feffe´s music is now ready for you to discover .

Etheric Fountain Channel – ‘Lifeanatomical Atmosphereinstruments’ C60 8
atmosphereinstrumentslitenC60 tape, limited edition of 50 copies. Finally – a new album from Norway´s Etheric Fountain Channel. 60 minutes of new age black metal rudolf steiner hymns to nature and the universe.


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