SM-01: Techno Lincoln and the Technicolor Union – ‘Star In: The Greatest Hits!’ C25/CDr
Iowa City’s premiere foon-rock band (“Foon” being their off-brand version of “fun”), this multimedia extravaganza had a revolving cast, elements of theatre and Bohemia, sludge, a love of badass hats, and some glorious pop goodness. They (we? I guess?) played their last show at Shane and Julia’s wedding before they moved to Washington. The CDR has 8 sweet songs recorded in our drummer’s basement + 7 bonus live jams, cassette has only 1 bonus track but the bandcamp download it comes with has all 7 bonus tracks + an extra special bonus song only available from the bandcamp bonus section! Yippee!

SM-02 All Dogs Invited – ‘Mammals Amongst Us’ C25/CDr
All Dogs Invited play some super dreamy rock’n’roll mewzick, this 4-song EP is a pretty slick introduction to this small-town group. Their drummer is in Paraguay for a year, but they managed to also record a soon-forthcoming 2nd full length before she took off. Tape comes with free download as always, and recorded by Ian Williams, who seems to record a lot of awesome Iowa acts in his new Des Moines studio.

SM-03 Maude Flanders – ‘Puvvy Puzzy’ C30/CDr
HEAVY – 5 dudes, including two drumsets and Curt Oren blasting away on his baritone sax. TRIBAL BLASTS MAN, I dunno, I reallllly dig this stuff, got to see em twice in 2012 before the break-up. Good shit, and hey, it’s a free download on the bandcamps already anyway. Also recorded by Ian Williams, yo.


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