Second Sleep

SS052 DAYS IN RETURN 7”+C30 12€
dir_2Days in return is a collaboration between Loke Rabeh and Johan Wieth, both key figures of the experimental scene in Copenhagen, running labels and projects such as: Posh Isolation, Ice Age, Damien Dubrovnik, Megan, lr .. This output is the result of a long and focused acoustic session recorded in the abandoned church of “Frihavns Kirken” using only objects found on site. Pipe organ, baptismal bowls and the wonderful acoustic of the place are used to create a dissonant suite for deep tones and smashed objects. Edition of 100.

SS055 JEPH JERMAN – ‘a fidgety and excitable engine’ C40 5€
jj_2For more than 25 years Jeph Jerman, previously with the moniker Hands To, has heavily explored the realm of field recordings and the devices to record it. Over the years his sound has become gradually more gaunt and essential, leaving more and more the electronic aspect apart and instead increasing the acoustic size. This made the sound of his compositions, if possible, even more organic, succeding to play entirely acoustic sets using only small objects found in nature such as stones, seeds, pine cones. In this release he present two non-stop moving tracks composed using only detritus and cheap second-hand devices founds in the Arizona Desert. Edition of 100.

SS056 ADAM ASNAN – ‘tetraptych’ 1-sided LP 12€
aa_2Adam Asnan is a London based composer-performer of musique concrète, acquiring an MA under the supervision of Denis Smalley in 2009. Adam’s work promotes the aesthetic potential of fixed (recorded), amplified sound, and the instabilities of a medium; the auditory ‘image’ subject to intervention, or the exposition of its artifice. Tetraptych is his first vinyl release and consist of four short pieces of circular and pulsating sounds, vibrating objects in equilibrium over a wise work of field recordings and mechanical sounds. Edition of 200.

SS057 CARLOS CASAS – ‘patagonian field recordings’ 1-sided LP 12€
cc_2Carlos Casas is a filmmaker and visual artist from Barcelona. His work is a cross between documentary film, cinema, and contemporary visual and sound arts. In 2001 he started a trilogy of works dedicated to the most extreme environments on the planet, Patagonia, Aral sea, and Siberia, with a particular interest on how humans relate with the territory they occupy. These tracks comes from a selection of his vast archive, ranging from radio frequencies collages to interviews, animals at hunt and local musicians jams. All recorded in various locations of Tierra Del Fuego, Patagonia. Edition of 150.

SS058 RM – ‘current logic’ 2xC20 8€
r_2First release for the new solo project of Riccardo Mazza (Lettera 22) working with a singular mix of claustrophobic tones and spectral samples. Started as a simple study about rythm, the project has gradually integrated the use of field recordings and reverberating drone sounds which add to the compositions a deep, gristle and dramatic feel. Edition of 100.


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