Nothing Out There

Caligine & 石雲 / 雨旋 2CDr
KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERALed by Gabriele de Seta, owner of the Monstres Par Excès print, Caligine is an open collective. Here Gabriele, with Chinese friends, puts out a special two-faced album, half-noisy, half-melodic, overall filled with the beautiful open-mindedness that’s so specific of the collective. Here are his words about the records : çŸ³é›² (disc 1) “Caligine as an immaterialist trio (San Nuvola, Pupa and Gregorio Samsaro) with 李劍鴻 as himself, ghosts, UFOs and rice wine, locked themselves in the Kinggo Bar during a clear and icy day in a drowsy Hangzhou, and sounds were made. Thanks to 老李, Madamoiselle Dupin and everyone else there, that days, in the round year two thousand and then.” 雨旋 (disc 2) “Caligine as a drifting moneme met 朱小龍 on a windy beach in the Nether Lands, and under providential seagulls they recorded the dialogues between two guitars, some spare strings and the accidental toys of luminous troublemaker 雨旋. Never too far a place.” 2 x 5″ CDr. Limited to 50 copies.

Charalambides documentary 3″DVDr
KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAShot in Hasselt’s KC Belgie, this is the re-issue of a video documentary about Charalambides, featuring live footage and exclusive interview with Christina Carter and Tom Carter, on video-DVD. 3″ DVDr. Limited to 50 copies.


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