Whiteness & Pinkness

v/a – ‘Whiteness & Pinkness zine #1 + bonus flexi disc‘ 7″ $11AUD(AUS)/$16AUD(World)
This is an utter mess of a zine, typewritten with intricate handwritten text jutted in and around each line. It takes a while to adjust into reading something so distinterested in legibility, but if you look closely you’ll notice things like music reviews, label catalogues, as well as stuff on Always, Ex-Crown and Mackle Jackle [Filthy Turd]. The zine itself is A4 size, 14 pages long and black & white. It comes in a clear plastic sleeve with a bonus 1-sided flexi-disc W&P label sampler w/ tracks from the people featured in the zine. Also comes with a bonus Whiteness & Pinkness pin-backed button. Limited to 250 copies.

Mama Baer – ‘Huelsenbecktuete’ C90 $5AUD(AUS)/$8AUD(World)
This solo Mama Baer tape is one of delicate strumming and voice. She’s playing her guitar in an almost primitive way…A thoughtless strum. Slow and sentimental ballad’s…Perhaps this is the closest to actual songs she has ever been. But also yelping and screaming are inherent; her crazy free wild vocal style, which make these recordings a confronting listen. Not quite just delicate strumming and voice anymore. spedup high pitched singing on backing tapes criss crossing with her natural voice, and sometimes with interjections of feedback or abrupt dictaphone abuse. Huelsenbeck was one of the leading artists of dada and Tuete is the german term for bag or goody bag. Limited to 20 hand-numbered copies, which have been crammed into sandwich bags along with an assortment of things found in the bedroom of W&P: scraps of paper, bits of material, broken toys, pillow fluffing, hair, foam, etc. Filled in as much useless things as well, dadaism.

Moffarfarrah – ‘Primo’ C45 $5AUD(AUS)/$8AUD(World)
Moffarfarrah – Premo showcases raw and processed vocal debris in a stream of un-consciousness, relaxed yet pensive, this is indeed a premo recording of the artist known as Moffarfarrah. Moffarfarrah is an ongoing sound poem/vocal noise/ dialog project for Christopher L G Hill, other projects of his include; Bunyip Trax recording label, GUGG, MUGG, Peasant Genes, VDO, Porpoise Torture, Urchyn, Antique Crumbling Framework, Mofhoprah, Castle Mice, Dumb Crystals, G-eunuch, Bohemian Knights, Paeces, Galactic Locksmith, Krystoffkrvstoffiston, Gauntlet, Shawl, Vogue Forums, Skrogen, Saturn Masque, etc…..limited to 20 copies, on yellow tapes.

Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer – ‘Gedichte in den Schlaf’ C90 $5AUD(AUS)/$8AUD(World)
Side A features Kommissar Hjuler reading from the Middle High German poet Walther von der Vogelweide and the Austrian Expressionist poet Georg Trakl while walking through long hallways and high cathedrals, his voice echoing throughout. The listener is then taken on a car ride which ends up by the seaside. His words may be lost on non-German speaking listeners, but the captivating experience of following him on his journey is not. Side B, by Mama Baer, is a procession of wordless deep-voiced moaning, accompanied by much-loved children’s nursery rhymes …A prehistoric creature (teradactyl, etc.) has stolen a babies bassinet, mid-flight with babies bassinet in tow. Limited to 50 copies with white and pink cover art featuring an image of Mama Baer dressed-up as a big hare.


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