Tranquility Tapes

Roped Off – ‘Roped Off Lifts the Invisible Tile’ C22 $7.5(US)/$11.5(CAN)/$14.5(World)
Roped Off - Roped Off Lifts the Invisible Tile c22 smallFrom their respective solo work as Vales/Sound Out Light and Wether/Spectrum Tickets to their beloved podcast Tabs Out, Delaware’s Dave Doyen and Mike Haley are veritable kings (or perhaps court jesters?) in the realm of experimental cassette culture. Collaborating as Roped Off, they combine their powers through synthesis for intense and riveting results. ‘Roped Off Lifts the Invisible Tile’ finds the duo in finer form than ever, carefully layering modular synths and keyboards with a distinct focus on texture and minimalist technique. Almost immediately, you’re hit with a deluge of dripping, trickling sounds as ominous drones and bleak, Carpenter-esque melodies gradually creep into the mix. At just over 20 minutes, it’s like a quick dip into a pool of primordial ooze, but one that’s so satisfying you’ll want to catch your breath and dive back in as soon as possible. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Edition of 100.

Afterlife – ‘Afterlive’ C73 $7.5(US)/$11.5(CAN)/$14.5(World)
Afterlife - Afterlive c73 smallFrom 2010 to 2013, Ryan McGill and Franklin Teagle played shows throughout New York City and a few out of town gigs as a part of some incredible line-ups and through some extremely loud sound systems. Now that the duo resides on opposite coasts, a live show isn’t likely to happen again in the near future, but we’re happy to share a document of some choice performances from the past three years. ‘Afterlive’ collects three different sets: One from 2011 recorded by Francesco de Gallo in Brooklyn, NY, one from 2012 recorded by Dave Doyen in Wilmington, DE, and one from 2013 recorded by Mike Griffin in Albany, NY. Each recording features entirely different material as well as different approaches to bringing composed and improvised sound into the live setting, all captured through raw, open air recordings. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle and a photograph by Rachel Evans. Edition of 100.

various artists – ‘Duets II’ C60 $7.5(US)/$11.5(CAN)/$14.5(World)
Various Artists - Duets II c60 smallSince the first ‘Duets’ compilation was well received last year and there are so many other great duos making music within our orbit, a sequel only seemed natural. This time around we have a whole new set of duos for ‘Duets II’. Some of the same individuals from the first contributed to this edition, but they appear here in the guise of entirely different projects with unique approaches to collaboration and experimental sound. This is also a slightly shorter dose than the original, but rest assured that it is no less potent and diverse, especially when taken as a whole. Features new and unreleased tracks by Dozens, Glass House, Cream Juice, Roped Off, Perspectives, Nite Lite, Pendulums, Urkas, Coyote Image Revisited, and Morae. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Edition of 150.


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