Scumbag Relations

Nuslux – ‘Ede Merco’ C32
NUSLUXCover artwork realised by Roope Eronen. Professionally duplicated and imprinted cro2 cassettes. Edition of 100 (black ink on yellow shells). Professionally printed, full-color 5-panel covers. Co-released with our friends at Sleepy Cobalt Sound. Roope Eronen is a Finnish visual artist who has been working with sound and experimental music since the late 90’s, specializing in synthesizers. He is one of the founding members of Pylon, Maniacs Dream and the psychedelic free-improv group Avarus. He also perfoms in the long-running, free-improvisation ensembles, Kemialliset Ystävät and The Anaksimandros. In 2001, Eronen, along with two friends from Avarus, established the small independent label Lalalal in order to release music and sound compositions of their own work as well as others. An academically trained visual artist, Roope continues to draw and release visual pieces and comic books. His comic books and graphic novels have been issued by the Finnish publishers Huuda Huuda and Kuti magazine. “The recordings on Ede Merco are made with a tuned Bontempi chord organ attached to two WSG oscillators. All potentiometers of the WSGs and some potentiometers of the chord organ are connected randomly with cables in three glasses of water. By moving the cables and trying different combinations it’s possible to find very interesting and surprising sounds. It also makes the playing exciting since it’s difficult to tell what sound will be emitted. In this way it’s almost like improvising with other players. There are a few additional excerpts of live perfomances mixed in as well.” – Roope Eronen

Arnau Sala – ‘Receptacles, Agitació i Meta-Sentiment’ C15+C18
ARNAU-SALACover artwork realised by Arnau Sala. Professionally duplicated and imprinted cro2 cassettes. Edition of 50 (silver ink on grey shells). Professionally printed, greyscale covers. Packaged in white vinyl cases. Co-released with our friends at Sleepy Cobalt Sound. Arnau Sala is a Catalan multidisciplinary artist based in Barcelona who currently focuses on graphic art and music. Sala originally developed an interest in improvisation, which mutated into composing electronic pieces. He also performs solo as Ex-Con or Exoteric Continent and in the bands Veiled and Vactor. He ran the Ozonokids label between 1999 and 2011 and currently runs Anòmia with Ivy Barkakati. Anòmia is a platform upon which Sala and Barkakati work with diverse individuals and collectives to develop projects of various disciplines in order to share knowledge and achieve common goals. “Receptacles, Agitació i Meta-Sentiment was recorded during summer 2012 in Barcelona. The recordings were inspired by exposure to heavy heat, moisture, and readings on psychology issues from random websites. It is as much about misplaced emotions as it is about challenge. Recorded live for the most part, the sounds in these recordings are derived from combining different synthesizers, from hand-made modules to desktop analog modules which are synced to audio tape (cassette) loops.” – Arnau Sala


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