Ghetto Naturalist Series

GNS-048 Sindre Bjerga & Micromelancolié – ‘prayer calls’ C62
rsz_sb-m_1heavy collaboration, like magic. wide spectrum of senses touched in this hour on should feel thisbeautiful and eerie. suggested listening anywhere, but outside does justice. indoors too Sindre and Rob hone in on some super beyond communication/sounds- full on bringing together the gap btwn the alien and the ground w/ ease. addictive and super good. ed. 60.

GNS-047 CASE – ‘brain booger’ C62 $6
rsz_fuck_you_1CASE’s 2nd spin on GNS. explores more and more. this one’s a ride to weird land- get zonked, fried out, and boogified. raw electronics tell a soothing story, at least in my dream to this. an hour of diverse curve-ball beauty– solid.
ed. 50 art by thomas

GNS-046 ORPHANAGE RATS – ‘Plasma Well’ C20 $6
rsz_orphrats_1watcha gonna do when the rats come thru? SOLID= Sam Hooker- guitar, organ / Knox Mitchell- saxophone, synth – 2 killer sides from these 2 MI busy beasts – Recorded October 2012 at M.U.G. – ed. of 50. art by Thomas.


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