Space Slave Editions

Günter Schlienz/Kyle Landstra/N Chambers/Cliffsides – ‘Swim Trunks’ 2xC60
Swim TrunksAn ode to water. Type II 2×60 minute cassette. Double sided screen print cover with full color booklet. Art by Jonathan Sacha and Carl Koopmans. Space Slave 27. Ed 100.

Attenuated – ‘Deep Opacity’
AttenuatedAn immense second processing built for those with clear heads. Or no head. Type II 76 minute cassette Water color & ink block stamped j-cards with hand cut stickers Music by Ian Kennedy
Art by Jonathan Sacha and Carl Koopmans Space Slave 26 Ed 100.

Calypso Borealis – ‘Agaw Shasha’
Calypso BorealisWarm organic frequencies floating over open water Type II 46 cassette Music by E.B.A. Art by Jonathan Sacha and Carl Koopmans Space Slave 25 Ed 100.

Vermillion Father – ‘Sietch Tabr’
Vermillion FatherGonzo chiefs twirling below your feet Type II 44 minute cassette Water color and ink block printed j-cards with hand cut stickers Music by Jonathan Sacha Art by Jonathan Sacha and Carl Koopmans Space Slave 24 Ed 100.

Clime – ‘Two Crest’
ClimeLoopy jams for all day adventures Type II 90 minutes cassette Music by Jake Webster and Jimmy Billingham Art by Carl Koopmans Space Slave 23 Ed 100.

Dark Matter Travelers – ‘Lotus Birthing the Cosmos’
Dark Matter TravelersUnknown peddle hangers curl under gravitational lensing Type II 42 minute cassette Music by Ian Najdzionek Art by Brok Leshman Space Slave 22 Ed 50.

Cape and Cowl – ‘Revealed In Light’
Cape and CowlPulsing guitar loops and friendly samples take you for a ride through this beautiful neighborhood. Type II 30 minute cassette
Music by Russell Wagner Art by Russell Wagner and Carl Koopmans Space Slave 21 Ed 100.

Mortuus Auris and The Black Hand – ‘Massacre in Catena Valley, 1971’
Mortuus Auris & The Black HandScraping drone cries Type II 58 minute cassette Music by Pete Taylor Art by Phil French and Carl Koopmans Space Slave 20 Ed 50.


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