Sound of Cobra

Dead Skeletons – ‘Orð’ 12″
soc10_cover“Orð” is Dead Skeletons follow-up release to “Dead Magick” – an album that sold out in nearly one day. “Dead Magick”’s theme hymn “Dead Mantra” was an art installation soundtrack turned spiritual battle song turned psychedelic underground smash hit phenomenon. The 2008 track was the starting point for a cosmic concept created and immersed by Icelandic artist Jón Sæmundur, as a tool to come to terms with his 20 year struggle with HIV. Further developing the Dead Concept, the 12” EP “Orð” consists of four tracks of reverb-drenched rock n’ roll meditation – reminding the listener to embrace life in death and death in life. The songs “Odauðleg Orð” and “Odauðleg Orð (Museum Version)” were both created as sonic enhancement to yet another one of Sæmundur’s art installations, while the pop quality-ridden “Dead is God” further delves into the band’s “All is One, One is All” philosophy. “Cemalym” is a dark, traditional Turkish folk song (most notably recorded by Erkin Koray), although with lyrics translated into Icelandic. Music for when you meet your maker, as Dead Skeletons puts it. Sound of Cobra’s second pressing of “Orð” comes out on a one-sided white vinyl 12”, in a limited edition of 400 copies, with a silk screened B-side and a paper recycled, tobacco coloured, cardboard sleeve.


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