Silken Tofu

Filip Gheysen – ‘Tabletop Guitar’ CD+DVD
fgFilip Gheysen is a musician and audio artist, living and working in Ghent, Belgium, with a passion for sound and experimental music. Using only a tabletop guitar, effects and the occasional autoharp, he creates abstract droning soundscapes, stripped of all unnecessary elements, focussing solely on the timbre and tone of his instrument. These elements are equally visible in Gheysen’s visual art, which is presented in the accompanying art booklet. In his abstract prints and paintings, there is obviously a play with the tones of a colour, thus an inversion of the aforementioned musical term. This pertinent in- and decrease of saturation and of temperature in the pictorial field is comparable to what is going on in his music. ‘Tabletop Guitar’ presents both his musical and visual art and adds a third field of interest. The videoworks that can be found on the dvd are the culmination of his two main outlets, giving a new dimension to his art.

Trepaneringsritualen – The Totality Of Death’ CD
taWith an impressive discography populated by small runs of cassette and vinyl releases, Sweden’s Trepaneringsritualen (aka Thomas Martin Ekelund) has quickly cultivated a cult following not normally seen within industrial music in 2013. With an uncanny ability to tap into the primitive nature of old school ritual ambient and death industrial, Trepaneringsritualen creates a strikingly authentic sound; shadowy and endlessly bleak, replete with clanking metal, slow, ceremonial percussion, and brooding textural depth, all infused with vocal incantations and murky, post-mortem atmospheres. The Totality of Death is technically a 2cd set, released separately yet simultaneously between US label Malignant and Silken Tofu. It’s a 2 hour collection of rare and out of print recordings in addition to never before released tracks. The artwork and layout is nearly identical, and both were printed in editions of 500 copies. A must have for all those that appreciate the more obscure and darker side of true industrial music, and sure to go fast…

v/a – ‘Epicurean Escapism II‘ CD+DVD
escOn the occasion of the second Epicurean Escapism Festival 15th of June 2013 a cd + dvd compilation was released, including a cd with exclusive tracks by the performing artists Ke/Hil, Post Scriptvm, Anemone Tube, Dieter Müh & Trepaneringsritualen, a dvd with super 8 short films and experimental movies created by Mike Dando (Con-Dom) in the 1980s to early 1990s and finally digitally restored in 2013 and a 20-page catalogue with essay & artworks by Alex Tennigkeit, Andrew Liles, Carmen Burguess, Dennis Rudolph, Philip Best and Rudolf Epicurean Escapism II Compilation cd + Con-Dom dvd ‘We Who Were Living Are Now Dying’ + 20-page catalogue with essay & art works.


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