I Had An Accident

A.P. Felix – ‘Electronic Tonalities’ C37 $6
apfelixsmallInspired by electronic components and the early history of electronic music/sound, A.P. Felix constructs Electronic Tonalities. The 37 minute experiment pays tribute to the pioneers of the genre and is programmed on modular synthesizers and other hardware synthesizers. The end result features blips of atmospheric waves and tones that gently dance with layers of synth and beats. Felix masters the modular components and develops a rare style of historical significance. Limited to 60 on super chrome tape.

Boomruin/BMRN – ‘Monochrome’ C41 $6
monochromesmallOriginally released in 2012 as a digital download, the moving electronic sounds and heavy beats of Monochrome has been re-conceptualized into a physical format. The album brings forward fresh sounding beats that progress the sounds of visual electronics and psychedelic samples. Boomruin/BMRN is based out of the United Kingdom, he samples some the bizarre and strange and layers a steady beat in a reinterpreted classic style. Movie style moments to comedy and jazzed slang, the album flows in a genuine manner with retro appeal. The monochrome theme represented in the artwork is a common thread that binds the album together and provides a contrast that is appealing and sensational. Limited to 70 black/white cassettes on cobalt tape.

Heart Heart Julia featuring Blood Blood – ‘Lost Moments’ C62 $6
lostmomentssmallLost Moments features Justin Bieler and George Dutton teaming up with Blood Blood in an unusual experiment. Bridging spoken word stories about situational memories and drone pieces with fuzzy distortion and broken fragments from archived recordings, Lost Moments represents the torture of being the one left behind. Searching for a way forward when everything appears dead, recognizing that with each break a new birth can be born. The album explores this concept through two short stories and over 60 minutes of archived sounds from a 2009 recording session Justin had with Seamus Williams, and new meanderings of George Dutton and the absorbed synth breaks of Blood Blood. Brief moments we catch a glimpse of O.Wyatt’s honest critique of what music is. Limited to 23 rare turquoise cassettes with yellow reels.


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