Haute Magie

Poppy Red – ‘Keep Your Heart’ CS
In a simple and saccharine close to yet another Haute Magie cycle, we present you with the debut EP by Arkansas-bred but Austin-based Poppy Red. This short and sweet tape of six etherous love hymns rests somewhere comfortably between folk, electro-pop, and 90s rock lull. Nostalgic to the teeth yet decidedly modern – a wholly fresh sound. Floating yet never faltering, this is a gem in the loam, a diamond in the rough, and an altogether appropriate sendoff for both the band (on their month-long tour with Classy Nude) and the label itself. This will be the last Haute Magie relic of its kind, and the close to phase two. Though the label is not seeing an end and is seeing yet another new beginning, allow Keep Your Heart to lay a more-than weary head to rest. Limited to 75 copies, white tapes with black pad print, full colour 3 panel Jcards with artwork by Nicolas Nadeau, norelco cases with shrinkwrap. Note that we only have 25 of the 75 copies, so act fast. Order now for only $7 plus shipping from the site.


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