Goaty Tapes

Cyclops_Cover.1f82ea3e39877a5fd03Recorded at Channel 3, Tampa & Dungeon C, Providence. Cyclops is SHV & Russian Tsarlag, a gruesome twosome of leathery grooves and toilet rock. Guitars mutate around drum machines, Tsarlag waxes depressive over droopy synths, languid anthems repeat endlessly, a monster mash. There’s also some real sex appeal. SHV’s beats hiss like more than club soda, Tsarlag’s guitars curl alluringly, a bleach party for two. Gone are the loner moods, replaced with a mysterious liaison.

VOTS_Cover.103e013I reissued this tape because it rules. I keep Bible Bashers between the car seat and the center console, or on top of the tape deck, or in my ass pocket; it’s on constant rotation. Recorded at Wolfgang’s House, Glenbrook Lagoon, Blue Mountains, Australia, 2009. Grim pianos melt over dumb horns, downer chords drowned in dishwater vox. I keep seeing domestic interiors with moving walls, skeletal fingers hitting single keys, a hall of mirrors, goosebumps. Vincent Over The Sink are no longer. They were a magnetic flash of weird in an otherwise predictable succession of DIY styles. Bible Bashers is one of only a few releases documenting their curious flavor. I usually like the transience of home recordings, but some things are worth remembering.

MODERN DUETSflexi compilation $8
Modern_Duets_Cover_Image.10f7b4d.1f06ef4The next thirty orders include an extra unbound Flexi. Contributions from: Control Unit, Sea Urchin, Half High, Soviet Pop, Primitive Motion.


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