AERONAUT – ‘Your Space Transmissions Listening Kit’ CD
aeronautcdAeronaut is Steve Fors, a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Brooklyn, NY. Also member of the Chicago-based drone/noise outfit, The Golden Sores, he’s been experimenting with long-form song structures since 1995. In his current work, he is interested in exploring the relationship between sound and time; specifically how sustained fields of sound can alter our temporal perception and physical awareness. A perfect follow-up to 2012’s “Coronal Mass” limited-edition cassette which quickly sold out upon release, “Your Space Transmissions Listening Kit” is comprised of four 15-minute pieces depicting the journey of a lone astronaut into deep space, as imagined by a 7 year-old boy. The album is meant to be a document of the past, specifically of his past as a boy imagining the perils and grandeur of space travel. Each song is a sonic expression of a moment in the spaceman’s travels: Preflight/Launch, My First Spacewalk, Through the Oort Cloud, and Into the Magellanic Stream. Audio mastered by James Plotkin. Professionally duplicated CD edition of 100. Comes in a four-panel wallet with anaglyph and 3d glasses.


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