Bridgetown #100 Kevin Greenspon + Former Selves – ‘Betrayed by the Angels/Apropos of Golden Dreams’ split LP
For their second split release together, Kevin Greenspon and Paul Skomsvold have written and recorded a pair of miniature albums that seamlessly fold into each other, serving as the definitive work by both artists. Together, the two halves embody the spirit and structure of classical scores and film soundtracks using the vocabulary of ambient, new age, harsh noise and the various other experimental genres the artists have operated within for the past several years. Arranged over the span of a year, Greenspon’s “Betrayed by the Angels” is a personal reflection on finding where one belongs in the chaos of leaving. The story is told by an intimate orchestra of guitar and synthesizer voices singing out against a backdrop of crackling rumble. Emerging from the wreckage, Former Selves presents three of his finest compositions yet. Each piece that comprises “Apropos of Golden Dreams” is a graceful dive into the timelessness of hope and beauty, reenacted by the comfort of piano keys and a dizzying whirl of euphoric melody. Both sides are driven by emotional experiences in the search for a feeling that can’t be found on the outside and ends with the ultimate realization that the root of happiness and growth comes from within. Limited to 550 12″ vinyl records with metallic silver labels, packaged in extra thick heavyweight jackets with matte UV finish. Includes digital download card.


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