Shaking Box

Bitter Fictions LP $13
bitterfictions-100x100Bitter Fictions is the project of Devin Friesen, a guitarist/writer from Calgary, AB. On this debut LP, Bitter Fictions presents solo guitar in extended practice: alternate tunings, controlled feedback manipulations, drone building, live looping, improvisation—these are all elements to the whole, as Friesen layers scraps of feedback, melodies, and pure texture into blossoming sound narratives. Think “post-rock” (in the “rock instruments used in non-rock ways” vein, not faux-cinematic crescendo nonsense) as interpreted by the likes of say, Alan Licht, Roy Montgomery, or Thurston Moore, and you’re maybe starting to get there. 300 copies w/download card and insert.

Pale Lobo – ‘Hands Down’ CS $5
palelobo-100x100Pale Lobo is the solo project of Andrew Hume. He hits things in Seizure Salad and Burro, and also makes synthesizer jams in Dada Centauri. Hands Down is a freaky swamp of chewn-apart tapes and headphone gargle, a bubbling excursion through waves of synthesized ooze. When yr head surfaces, the smell is still there: mutant, rolling, and strung from the trees, clinging like the eye that may or may not be looming over yr shoulder… 50 pro-dubbed + screened cassettes.


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