PHR-104 SEWN LEATHER – ‘Ροαξη Φινγερζζ ΒΣ. Ροψκ Σλινγερζζ’ 1-sided LP 15€(EU)/18€(World)
Sewn Leather is a trigger, a road warrior, the punk that can be smoked. Somewhere between Whitehouse nihilism, Wolf Eyes’ high pitched suffocation and evil Prodigy rhythmology, Griifin Pyn re-invents the 21st century punk! On ‘Ροαξη Φινγερζζ ΒΣ. Ροψκ Σλινγερζζ’, he offers his four latest (and yet cleanest) songs, soaked in battery acid, swallow-ready for the confusion generation. Sewn Leather is real. Edition of 200 copies w/ 1-color offset covers.

Muddy, nihilistic freak-out non-musical jamz from Thessaloniki’s mysterious trio Budalah (neither Buddha nor Allah) and an archival dictaphones and mics performance by Dead Traveler (Nicolas Malevitsis from Absurd fame) at Modern Art Museum of Skopje, 2004. Everything sounds so wrong to be true. Edition of 70 cassettes w/ on-body printing.

PHR-102 SARONGS s/t C30 6€
Sarongs were a 5-piece from Syracuse, New York which shook things up w/ sweaty DIY house shows and an awkward sound which confused everyone. When all other bands were dealing w/ playful garage warmth, Sarongs were making stripped-down minimal prog w/ doses of post punk, witty lyrics and raw, focused energy. Always true, often political, way ahead of their times. This is a reissue of the first Sarongs cassette that was released in 2011 by Prison Art / Velidoxi Records, not to be confused w/ the also eponymous LP that followed a year later. Edition of 100 cassettes w/ on-body printing and multi-fold j-card w/ excerpts of the only Sarongs interview, courtesy of “Bande a Part” zine.

PHR-101 TOM CRUISIN’ – ‘The Drifter’s Almanac’ 3″CDr 6€
This is the kind of music you should be listening while driving your car in a big metropolitan city, way deep into the night. City looks abandoned but you feel there’s a pulse hidden somewhere. A duet, sounds a bit like a Suicide cover band, is playing at the lowest basement downtown. So loud and so low, the tires bouncing over asphalt vibrations caused by groovebox pumps and fiendish electricity. It’s the sound of the city itself. A city which looks different every morning but is always the same at night. Edition of 70 copies w/ artwork and disc attached on heavy cardstock.


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