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TROUBLE VS GLUE – ‘Die Trauerweide’ LP
TvsG animal psiTvsG is a duo: as the name says, we can picture one of ’em as the Trouble and the other as the Glue, in a never ending fight made of synths, guitar, drums and wicked voices. After their debut album on the german label Urquinaona (“Zum Teufel”) and a song on the (in)famousBorgata Boredom – Music And Noises From Roma Est – LP, they strike back with some great new stuff: 10 killer songs for “Die Trauerweide” LP (eng. weeping willow). They might be two but they sound like a six pieces band! Groove drumming and percussions, killer synths and guitars, female/male schizo voices combined with a dadaist pop attitude into a mix of no-wave, weird punk and hypnotic synth atmospheres. At times TvsG sound like the Residents with a punk drummer, in others like a weird japanese electronic pop band from the ’80s, while some other tracks bring us back to the no-wave of Lizzy Mercier Descloux and DNA. These are only some analogies, because they’ve got totally a personal and original sound. Intense, dancey, wacky, sweaty, catchy: Die Trauerweide is a great album. 35mins of pleasure for Body and Mind! And just a suggestion: they are often on tour (more then 300 shows all over Europe, USA and Canada in the last 6 years), if you got the chance, go and see their live show: it will blow your mind!


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