Gnar Tapes

MORE BADASS TUNES FROM OUR BADASS BROS: Four fucking freaks who are so truckin’ ready to shred hard. Childhood friends, White Fang rose to prominence in the Portland underground scene with their infamous live shows and social presence. Formed in 2006, White Fang has toured the United States extensively and has released multiple records on almost every format on both US and foreign labels. Combining their infamous reputation with their totally legendary live performance, White Fang is the essential young-man Rock n’ Roll experience. From youngsters grabbing their first instrument to oldies who thought they were jaded years ago, White Fang will ignite the musical spark inside of you and this tape, released as a split between Burger Records and Fang’s PDX imprint Gnar Tapes, is the perfect tape for you to roll hard thru the summer with, on blast, hella loud.

Mysterious and prolific psychedelic skate burner unit from the minty hot streets of Lexington, KY return with their 2nd cassette for Gnar Tapes, and first with Burger Records. Easily one of their most breezy but hardest hitting releases in their wide and varied catalog. Made by skater stoner weirdos for skater stoner weirdos. This tape is like the feeling right before the mushrooms come on, as you stand on a dusty cliff overlooking an eternal sunset over a flat and wide cityscape. Spend your Summer cruising with your eyes half closed in that eternal sunset, your shirt flapping in the wind, as the trippy cool sounds of Jovontaes whip you clean. Enter the desert of the mind, roll the dice, and seek the oasis. (Tracks: Burto Fernl, Cold Coffee, Know The Now, Cyclone A Late Bottle Blues, Help Moon, Don’t Die (or die))

Gnar Tapes and Burger Records have teamed up once again to offer up another heavenly slice of delicious weirdo pop! This time we are pleased to offer you a Japanese duo so uniquely weird and cute that you won’t know what to do with yourself. Combining a full palette of strange and tasty pop, rock, psych, and twee elements with the bizarre and entrancing accent of singer / multi-instrumentalist Kaznary Mutoh, The Boys Age of Saitama, Japan are truly something unlike anything we’ve heard before. “Fake Gold” is a full, full, full length album; a long player with as varied of sounds as you’d find anywhere. Think Magnetic Fields meets The Pixies meets Beat Happening. Then think of Japan and the two Japanese boys responsible for the strangely catchy and hauntingly beautiful music of The Boys Age. Keep your Summer wild. (Tracks: Painful Twilight Pt. 2, Fake Gold Pt. 1, Wolderful Life, I Wish For God’s Sake, It’s Alright, Gigantic Stamp, Grotesque (Dear Mutual Surveillance Society), Big Wave Coming, Viva La Destiny, Maybe, Will Mind, All Forms Of Life Is DEN DEN, Black Sekka, Mirror Lake, Seabirds Only Knows, The Answer Is There, Painful Twilight Pt. 3 Fake Gold Pt. 3, Show Is Over)


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