Dylan Ethier

Dylan Ethier – ‘Nightly Exchange’ $5
Nightly Exchange Small“Tape reconstruction of saturated analogue electronic patterns focusing, through fragmentation, on the exchange between lucidity and loss. Recorded September 2011- February 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee. Edition of 100. Includes high fidelity download. An alternate version of nightly exchange was presented as an interactive installation on march 9, 2012 in Nashville, TN in collaboration with the exhibition titled Nest curated by Molly Lahym. The installation involved real time collaging of deteriorating 1/4″ tape recordings. These recordings were then looped / manipulated between three tape machines at various speeds which additionally subtly triggered synthesized video projections. Presented inside a structure of black fabric and wood, exhibitors were free to further manipulate the audio / visual content. The intent here was in utilizing found materials in the process of constructing a creative and meditative environment.”


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