Amok Recordings

the One (family) – ‘the One (family)’ C40/CD $5/$7
theOne(family)“the One (family) are a fearlessly migrating force. A husband and wife team who attempt to combat complacency around every turn. Both members are multi-instrumentalists (and experienced producers) who utilize a wide range of acoustic and electronic instruments (including electric violin, analog synthesizers, guitars, percussion and homemade items)… The group blends their studio techniques with live performance, while focusing heavily on textures and dynamics… They are less concerned with genre than creating interesting and unique music. Identifying with the ethos of film-maker John Cassevetes (who allowed the spontaneity of improvisation to shape his works beyond what was initially conceived); the group’s objective is and has always been: to do what is necessary. (whatever that may sound like). Their new self-titled album (actually their 5th release) combines elements of all of their previous explorations, now focused with an ornate and compositionally progressive sound… Foreboding experimental passages give way to dense melodic rhythms (and vice versa), as they utilize every sound at their disposal (including the creaking floor…literally). The most obvious evolutionary tactic on this recording is the addition of lead female vocals by b.burroughs, which aids and desists tension at will. Her operatic vocal style meshes perfectly with the generally freeform nature of the group… One thing is certain with this release: the One (family)’s imprint has been clearly defined. (for now)”


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