Teflon Beast

Gary Busdriver – ‘Guitar!’ CS $5
tbrGary Busdriver is back! This time he’s delivering a monster…a cross between Metal Machine Music and the most damaged fretwork of Keiji Haino, Guitar! is all action and improv gone mental. The performances were captured starting at the end of 2011, using a variety of equipment/playing styles, and deliberated over for quite some time. Busdriver’s initial concept was to alternate between extreme electric guitar improv and subdued (yet angular) acoustic lines. However, as the project evolved, Busdriver found himself drawn to the method of recording as much as the playing. He had started recording live to a BOSS 8-track machine before switching to both Garageband and Ableton Live to further mangle & distort his guitar improvisations. The results are truly adventurous. This is OUT-THERE music…


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