Rural Isolation Project

Quttinirpaaq – ‘No Visitors’ LP $15
180g purple vinyl. Quttinirpaaq, the shadowy Austin crew lead by Matt Turner, is back after a four year absence with their Rural Isolation Project debut No Visitors. Fans of Brainbombs, Skullflower, Les Rallizes Denudes or general lovers of speaker/inner ear destruction take note! Layers of in the red fuzz, feedback, vomit, claustrophobia, no eye contact, distorted 808 beats, extended sludge work outs, wind-up glam drums and suspicious voices from other rooms. A whispered vocal here, a bass bin begs for it’s life there, a transmission from a Tejano station hangs in the air with the spilled beer and haze of smoke. An EDP Wasp synthesizer vibrating off Dave Brock’s amp and crashing to the floor while Egyptian Lover totally wipes out while roller skating. Texas style sludge served up bleary eyed and passed out on the lawn. Including a wind tunnel cover of George Brigman’s DMT for all the heads. Past involvements include Rubble, Same Sac, Abrasion Ensemble. Pressed on 180 gram deep purple vinyl. Limited to 300 copies!


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