Moon Glyph

The Non Travellin’ Band – ‘Never Prayed Once’ CS $5
mg57With a fire in their belly and a fist in the air, The Non Travellin’ Band of Madison, Wisconsin unleash their debut recordings as Never Prayed Once. Recorded live, the band evokes a classic American-bred psychedelia; the kind of tattered flags, discarded joints and El Caminos. Held together by the three minds of Lue, Brother Joseph and Dead Luke, the songs consist of stomping drums, ragged vocals, fuzzed-out grooves and explosive solos. The Non Travellin’ Band are as effortlessly infectious as they are daring, volatile, conscious and free. Never Prayed Once has shown us the light, and by god, is it beautiful. Ed. of 150

Erros Mágicos – ‘Shambhala’ CS $5
mg56Shambhala, the debut release from Erros Mágicos has been underway since 2011 & since that time this side project to Magic Castles has mutated and morphed into an endlessly radiant pop soundscape. Songwriter Jason Edmonds, infused with a collaborative spirit, brings together the creative forces of eight revolving musicians to form their jangling, jungle-pop sound. Decidedly a suite of coalesced forms, the tunes here are comprised of guitar, bass, synth/keyboards, all manners of percussion, flute, four voices & a myriad of field recordings. As told by them, this collection came into being from “open minds, spare times, mild-depression, friends & Casio keyboards” & here at Moon Glyph we couldn’t be more thrilled to pass their journey to Shambhala, the city under the mountains, along to you. Ed. of 150

Beat Detectives – ‘Casual Encounters of the Third Kind’ CS $5
mg55Venturing into Beat Detectives’ bizarro-verse is disorienting. Comprised of 4-track home recordings, the Minneapolis/New York-trio play outsider chopped and screwed dance hits from an imagined, weirdo urban radio station floating in the ether. Their vision can be confounding and kaleidoscopic, to be sure, crafted in a looping process of tape recording, slowing, and overdubbing. The result leaves you with a hazy club drip, newly opened third eye, and an appreciation for smooth jazz. Drawing on members of Food Pyramid and Radical Cemetery, they’ve donned this cassette Casual Encounters of the Third Kind establishing their (high) art aesthetic of “less Ibiza, more Nissan Ultima.” Ed. of 150

FWY! – ‘Any Exit’ CS $5
mg54Returning from last year’s gorgeous San Clemente release is FWY!’s next slowmo coastal drift, Any Exit. Pushing his minimalist palette, San Francisco’s Edmund Xavier crafts with drum machines, aqueous soft-synths, submerged bass lines & endlessly bright melodies. As a transient passenger, we watch Any Exit bloom with understated movements and intoxicating grooves; complemented by Xavier’s organic aesthetic and laid-back composition (both visually and aurally). On this more diverse affair, Xavier is equally comfortable with the bass-lead dynamism of “Exit Downtown” and the ambient fallout of “Irvine’s” sublime latter half. On Moon Glyph’s fifty-fourth release, we present FWY!’s singular trajectory and his most expansive vistas yet on Any Exit. Ed. of 150.


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