I Had An Accident

Clearing – ‘Scratch’ C42 $6
clearingsmallScratch is the latest release by Tennessee’s Clearing. The minimalistic structure and composition continues with lush tones and ambience. The album is calming, it ebbs and flows deep within your inner core. It creates sensations, quite similar to the feeling of goosebumps rising on your arms and legs. Each track is its own sensation, a timeless moment caught on tape and produces the effect of a dream-like state. I imagine myself washing my face in the summer sun, allowing the rays of light splash my skin with the water as all my troubles melt away. Limited to 50 c42 cassettes.

Marina Stewart – ‘Horreur Tape’ C10 $5
mstewartsmallMarina Stewart originally crafted the first part of the Horreur Tape back in 1986. Recently revisited and with the addition of side B, a short introduction to Stewart’s music has been formed. The two tracks, spanning just less than 10 minutes, are not to be taken lightly. They are filled with heavily distorted beats, breaking sound blips, audio clips, and a forceful presence of moving forward. Aged like a fine wine, the intricate nature of the recording lends itself to multiple layers of sounds that reveal themselves little by little after each listen. The album is rich in texture, sound that you can physically feel, reach out and touch. It drudges on and provides a whirlwind of backward momentum and damaged sound. A very limited 40 copies of this tape exist on purple cassettes with layout and artwork by Zin. Scissor motif by Marina Stewart herself and accurately portrays the history of this work.

Beynon Archival – ‘Works From The Beynon School Of Audio Architecture’ C48 $6
beynonsmallThe sounds of ghosts. Beynon Archival is the found works of the mysterious Beynon School of Audio Architecture. The lost works have been restored after being badly damaged. The erie coldness and warped warble sound bleeds through the restored works. Pieced together and edited only to lend itself to listenability, the historical significance of this album is filled with perspective and appreciation. The imagination can ruin the mind and this album has been defected by the ghosts of our own past. Limited to 50 copies on slime green cassettes.


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