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THE PERVERTS – ‘In Heaven’ C30 £3.5
perverts small“…like some old hidden memory that would rather be forgotten ‘the perverts’ gather beneath the concrete pavements of polite society awaiting to unleash themselves upon an unsuspecting public.” The Pervert’s debut, Bacon Handbag, was 18 FuzzULike songs about Mom and Dad. The new album In Heaven is the sound of a changed band, out are The Stooge’s style fuzz, Melt Banana yelps and in are post punk guitar lines, weird vocal synths and a bit of actual singing. 14 weirdo post-punk tracks from the Bristol duo, spread across a snot-green C30 cassette with ‘colour it yourself’ front cover and full colour inside cover art. Limited edition of 30 copies. Includes digital download.


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