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Technicolor Teeth – ‘Blood Pool/Drips’ 7″
Bio: Let’s be honest: every town has a dorky shoegaze band. While most of their shoegaze/dream pop peers seem to hide lazy songwriting behind heavy fuzz and hazy vocals, Technicolor Teeth doesn’t let their pop songs get completely buried beneath the distortion. When Technicolor Teeth released their debut LP, ‘Teenage Pagans’ last year, they brilliantly combined heavy grungy riffs with a dream pop sensibility. And on their latest single, Technicolor Teeth forge a darker path that still winds its way back to great pop music. “Blood Pool” peels away its heavy guitars like a dress, proceeding into bleak, beautiful hypnosis. This is the type of song hinted at on their debut LP, now fully realized. The B-side, “Drips”, channels early, playful Soft Machine pop, mingled with the downer vibes from the flip side. If you haven’t been paying attention to Technicolor Teeth, these two songs will make you take notice and realize why this new trio is one of the most exciting bands going.


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