Close/Far Recordings

Rhizomatic St. Louis Vol. 2 Compilation‘ C67 $7(US)/$10(World)
cf020(w)Second volume of the annually released compilation of Sound Art, Free Improvisation, Electronic & Electroacoustic music from artists currently living and working in the St. Louis area. Featuring: A1 Marble – Blood Orange (Sounds like it could’ve been on a late 70’s Sky Records release) A2 Poison Rat R. – Orbit (Featuring Kenji Siratori) (Japanese cyber punk author reading w/ dark electronics) A3 Byssus – Ampoule (Mysterious soundscapes) A4 Radiant Husk – Apple Uppfle (Odd and alluring tenor sax electroacoustics and field recordings) A5 Darin Gray – Gateway for Phyllis Diller (Mouth Piece Study No. 1) (Extended technique upright bass ambient throb) A6 Mark Sarich – When you are not here Yet you are here; Abschied (Feldman-esque piano study) B7 Eric Hall – The Sight Of Without You (Seasoned Improv tactics twisted into pastoral electronica) B8 John Tamm-Buckle – Titan3 80-300 (Custom Max programming manifested as warped sine wave layers) B9 Wamhoda – Mentally Whipp’d (Swamp Kid gutter techno w/ field recording of party kidz at a discotheque) B10 Burlin Mud – Live @ Momo 12/11(Skarekrau nature-noise B11 Michael Williams – Part of the Whole (Outsider guitar jangle and shadow electronics) B12 Ajay Khanna – Noise Enhancement 9×5 (Conceptual tape hiss embellishment) Pro-duplication and metallic silver imprinting with full color double sided j-cards. Limited edition of 75 posters and cover art by Jeremy “Ghost Ice” Kannapell. Digital download link included. Edition of 150 on chrome tape.

Kevin Harris / N.N.N. Cook split C30 $7(US)/$10(World)
cf021(w)Two nonsectarian pieces of contemporary American electronic music utilizing. a customized eurorack modular synthesizer on the Harris side and computer software on the Cook side. The composition by Mr. Harris was created in response to the composition by Mr. Cook. Side A: Kevin Harris – NI6B^RR [Food Poisoning] {Funding for Disagreement} Side B: N.N.N. Cook – Furuzanfar #568 w/ Sine Qua Non Memories. Pro-duplication and metallic gold imprinting with black and white double sided j-cards. Edition of 100 on chrome tape.


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