Teflon Beast

David A. Feil – ‘the’ cassette
the cover artCo-released with Houston based writer/artist/musician David A. Feil, each cassette contains an hour-long spoken-word audio recording split over the two sides and comes packaged in a fold-out broadside print of the original text itself. The text was originally composed in August 2012. Using a database of 3000+ poems compiled over the summer of 2012, an arbitrary-but-not-random instance of the word “the” plus the word following immediately after was queried from each record. With no seeming beginning or end but with a clearly defined form and rhythm, the text’s flowing list of nouns functions as the skeleton of a poem, a story, or memory inescapably fleshed out further in each individual’s imagination. Originally performed as part of the Texas Contemporary Arts Fair 2012.


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