Sloow Tapes

Bird People – ‘Water Buffalo’ C40
birdpeople_cvrUli Rois’ Bird People celestial meditations on the recurring image of the water buffalo in eastern mythology. The animal plays an important role in the myths surrounding the Hindu god of Death Yama, Oya, the goddess of change, and Lao Tsu who left China over the Han Gu Pass on the back of a water buffalo. Abstract guitars and electronics drowning in tanpura drones. 70 copies.

Valery Oisteanu – ‘Perks in Purgatory’ C50
valery_oisteanu_cvrValery Oisteanu is a Soviet-born Romanian/American poet, a former DJ and rock and roll-poet who traveled around Eastern Europe (Romania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Yugoslavia) in buses inspired by the likes of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters. As his work grew more and more critical of the communist regime he managed to immigrate to New York in the early seventies. Valery has been called the lovechild of Wilhelm Reich and André Breton and his poetry is a wild stream-of-consciousness of extravagant dada, surrealist and beat images. On these recordings Oisteanu reads from his latest book ‘Perks in Purgatory’. Edition of 100 copies.

Itasca – ‘Proto’ C40
itasca_cvrInspired acid folk visions by Kayla Cohen: solo guitar with lonesome vocals calling up the spirits of Nico or Judee Sill. Amazing songwriting spacing out in timeless metaphysical acoustics. 80 copies.


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