I Had An Accident

Jaqkquil/Ectoplasm split C40 $6
jaqsmallJaqkquil is Detroit’s Ice Cold Chrissy breaking away from the moniker Coyote Clean Up for a dosage of fun-loving sounds. For fans of Coyote Clean Up, this new project appears more relaxed and enjoyable. On the b-side is Toronto’s Ectoplasm, the baked out producer with tripped out sounds and beats. Jaqkquil and Ectoplasm create a dichotomy of dark and light, an album of despair cuddles close to its playfulness. A chilling cold sound of Ectoplasm that creeps inside of you and like a disease, it pulls and drains. The electronic drones and desolate tones are bittersweet as they build upon one another and grow into a deranged retribution. The damaged dream hop of Jaqkquil presents a care-free alternative, a dance of accidental electronica that conjures up reveries of nostalgia, stylistic movement, and dreamscapes that are free-flowing and charming. Catch the Great Lakes Breeze.

TEAADORA – ‘Virgin Forever’ C40 $6
teasmallVirgin Forever is a journey of minimalistic folk sounds of TEAADORA. The intimacy of this release is so pronounced, the confessionalist poet allows the listener to feel and be part of the tragedy of life. With somber guitar pieces and an angelic voice so rare and delicate, you listen for the moment when everything will break. The warble haze of raw emotion and inner struggle balances the softness and floods of loudness of this mysterious album. Released by I had An Accident Records on cassette tape and coming soon to Hot Releases on 12″ vinyl. Theatre Intangible (Nashville) calls her “an incredibly rare talent.” Limited to 200 copies on ivory cassettes.

Funeral Club – ‘Red Mountain’ C32 $6
fclubsmallFuneral Club is the California based husband and wife duo Joseph and Jenny Andreotti. Red Mountain brings the experimental side of the band together in a surrealistic dreamscape of organic instrumentation coupled by Jenny’s sweet sounding vocals. The folk traditions mixed in 60’s futuristic psychedelic groove drip in sincerity and nostalgia. A beautiful album to listen to deep in the night or in the early morning as the wind gently rustles the curtains pressed against the open window. Limited to 50 copies.


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