Gnar Tapes

Gnarnia VIPs and dark pop geniuses, Love Cop, return with a flat out essential cassette. Taking everything magical from their first cassette and amplifying it’s appeal by 1000%, this is a true masterpiece. Recalling the best moments of Television Personalities, The Clean, and Factory Records bands like Joy Division and New Order, perfect pop goodness awaits. Fuzzy guitars, jangly guitars, crunchy guitars, dance beats, rock beats, witchy vibes, stoner vibes, it’s all here.These songs were written to stay in your head. No bullshit, just devilish, delightful, delicious pop magic. Pop magic is real. Want proof? Listen to this cassette. The album also features Rikky Gage aka Free Weed, lead crooner in The Memories & White Fang, in a guest spot on the dark party groove “Witch of Webs”!


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