John Swana, Mark Price, and David Lackner – ‘Smooth End of Summer’ $7
In the last days of Summer, 2012, while slowly sipping on ice cold, never ending seltzer, Mark Price and David Lackner engineered a live noise, ambient, jazz session in a nuclear polluted Brooklyn apartment. Sampling Lackner’s smooth sax playing on the fly, Price decays, delays, distorts, and mixes the samples into chords. Sometimes static. Sometimes over a relentless mix of electronic drums. The tapes were then sent to John Swana’s studio in Philadelphia, where he added his electronic valve instrument and his baritone marching horn. Providing a virtuosic jazz element and a greater sound variety, “Smooth End Of Summer” was ready to be mixed. Two months later, during the mixing session, Lackner and Price had an unofficial eating competition at an indian buffet in Queens, NY. Price won. Lackner threw it all up, and went back to the studio, where they finished “Smooth End Of Summer.” CAUTION: THIS ONE HAS LOTS OF BASS!


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