Dungeon Taxis

Greymouth – ‘Giant Squid’ CS $5
Various brickbats of garage desertion, precipitous duende and blasted naiveté from the midnight zone by New Zealand-expatriate, Tokyo rockers, Mark Sadgrove and Mark Anderson. Piccolo-like guitar intrusion and truant buzz cross sent Sprechstimme snarl and post-punk deliverance through electro-acoustic afterburn. Dungeon Taxis 24.

Pod Blotz – ‘Timeless’ CS $5
Suzy poling’s dream-spun poiesis cascades in bewitching style, an invitation/abduction to an echoic world of poltergeist sirens in screwed chant, distorted-lens keyboard glare, knotty dance moves and radiophonic dub. Dungeon Taxis 25.

Preggy Peggy and the Lazy Babymakers – ‘A Short Visit To The City That Bleeds’ CS $5
Twisted, post-studio diary entry ‘recorded in and around a rental car parked on leafy 34th street in Baltimore, MD, autumn 2012’ by Cambridge, MA Weirdo, Angela Sawyer. ‘A Short Visit’ interfaces tranquil vérité and candor with preternatural serenade, a procession of vocalized impressions captured in unsettling, inert soliloquy. Dungeon Taxis 26.

Zaïmph – ‘Evolucao’ CS $5
Marcia Bassett’s study of a checked-out Rhythm Master reveals a stack of glimmering overtones in its corrupted hum. Combed bossa programs turn around a hall of purgatorial voices and automata clangor – an amped malaise played through the resonant afterlife of the record’s titular evolution. Dungeon Taxis 27.

Joseph Hammer – ‘Albany/Philadelphia’ CS $5
LAFMS doyen, Joseph Hammer’s document of two East Coast performances from 2012 exhibits his incisive glomming of the prospected archival materials at his gloved hands. Developing a cyclical palimpsest of gnarled and reassembled pop-historical sonics fed live on reel tape, Hammer’s magnetic alchemy slips through fizzy orbits of accelerated rap, severed axe licks, disembodied horn refrains, drum shreds and ventriloquized croons, lighting up the plastic materiality and equivocally vaporous nature of the volatile, musical sources. Dungeon Taxis 28.

Weirding Module – ‘Into Voyage’ CS $5
Michael Troutman’s eponymous trip traverses fugal passages of sparkling, arpeggi undulation and tranquil wind ornament, rolling with an LFO hull squelch across a billowed percussive vista of immersive, allegorical splendor. Dungeon Taxis 29.


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