Cruel Nature

AT THE HEART OF IT ALL – ‘Cotard’s EP’ C30 £3.5
ATHOIA smallMenacing as ever, the latest release from this enigmatic Bristol trio comprises merely of two behemoth tracks, which glitch their way to oblivion, punctuated only by stretches of eerie calm. ‘Cotard’s’ mixes vocal samples with post-rock and grinding noise, creating a prowling monster of a song, and one that plays entirely by its own rules. Think Godspeed You! Black Emperor, think Swans, think PiL. These are titanic soundscapes that mechanically bore their way into your brain. Fifteen minute long favourite, ‘A Blank Canvas’ is a real odyssey, with its building cinema-scapes. Yes these songs are ambient, the tempo is reasonably slow for the most part, yet this band are about as punk rock as anyone. Think knocking out two-minute, three-chord guitar songs is still punk? You’re over 30 years late. Recorded on blood red coloured C30 cassette with full colour 5 panel double-sided cover art, housed in a clear plastic case with white back cover. Limited to 30 tapes. Includes digital download.


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