Sonic Meditations

SM043 CARLOS VILLENA – ‘Somni causat pel planeig de un à liga’ CS
SM033CS.inddFrom seething Barcelona, Carlos Villena is a multidisciplinary artist both versed in music & graphic design. Carlos has produced many limited releases, most of his released works so far were either solos excursions or splits with the likes of Francisco López, Z’ev, Cornucopia, Freiband, Jan Kees Helms which have resided on his own label, Mantricum. Working on the combined fringes from many genres, Carlos has clearly a talent in shaping engaging the listener in hallucinating moving images through sound-sculpture, ultimately gripping environmental ambiances producing colorful moods. Limited to 65 Cassettes + download.

SM045 EXPO 70 – ‘Virtually From the Unknown’ LP
SM045LPA quick live recording at Fokl in Kansas City a week before KC Psychfest this past May. This recording features the 3 piece line-up of Expo ’70 that has been performing out since 2012. The live recording features 3 tracks that total 58 minutes. The original release edited 2 tracks to fit onto a C40 cassette that was home dubbed for the KC Psychfest. The LP features the 3 tracks edited down and the CD will feature the tracks in their entirerty and there will be a bonus cassette in a hand-packaged box, more details soon. Limited 180 gram LP edition of 500. Limited hand-made gatefold CD edition of 200 (Essence Music).

SM050 STAR TURBINE – ‘Altitude’ CS
SM033CS.inddStar Turbine is a duo of Sindre Bjerga from Stavanger, Norway and Claus Poulsen from Copenhagen, Denmark. They have never met. They share an interest in experimental music and improvisation and have worked with drone, noise and ambient, but might very well do other things on the future as well. Second release for Sonic Meditations bring the duos most recent collaboration. Limited to 65 Cassettes + download.


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