Robert & Leopold

Further Reductions s/t C30 $8(US)/$15(World)
Untitled-1NYC minimal synth / coldwave from Further Reductions featuring the beautiful resound of Katie Rose and poetic dance electronics of Shawn Devin (Led Er Est). Last year’s incredible Something Cold compilation in tandum with their debut single on Captured Tracks, Further Reductions keeps their analog minimalism pure while drawing on influences like SM Nurse and Oppenheimer Analysis. Edition of 50 with packaging artwork/design by artist Jordan Levine.

Bob Bellerue – ‘Fine Phenomena’ C10 $8(US)/$15(World)
bobbellerue-new1The past decade has seen composer Bob Bellerue transform various ideas about prepared noise action into varied musical composition with a focus and energy that is unmatched. His history with projects like Redglaer and Halfnormal, assorted releases through his own Sleepy Hollow Editions and Half Normal labels, and his infamous Ende Tymes Festival in Brooklyn, NY have made Bellerue a patron namesake among most tight-knit experimental musicians. This release equals two live performances recorded at the Phi Phenomena “10 Artists in 60 Minutes” yearly events in 2009 and 2011. Edition of 50 with cover photography by Bob Bellerue.


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