GOD14 duo adé – ‘Freilassing’ one-sided LP
imageAlthough their music sounds very serious and complex, duo adé don’t want to be considered as abstract formation. Graz-based duo, comprised of members of cult band, Code Inconnu, already established themselves as very specific low-fi electronic constellation on their first release, Hungrige Speisen. This time, avoiding any kind of electronic devices and electronic manipulations, they sat themselves on (out-of-tune) piano, set different tempo each, and recorded eleven versions of Freilassing (one available on the record and the rest as free download!). The piece is half-structured improvisation, combination of micro-tonality, bitonality, rhythmically independent counterpoints, integration and disintegration, and (in)homogeneous repetitions. 25 minutes of extremely challenging piano music, on the run into the unknown known… Seriously, thought they do not want it to be!


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