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Gnar Tapes favorite and Lexington, KY’s own Street Gnar returns! Last year’s “Study Wall” was quite possibly one of the most addictive releases we’ve ever issued and we’re immensely honored to offer another top shelf release from this musical mastermind, known by his friends and family as Case Mahan. With crucial past releases on heavy hitter labels like Eggy and Night People, Gnar Tapes couldn’t be more proud to be a part of Case’s essential catalog. While every past release of his has been excellent in its own way, “Kenwicked” (pronounced ‘Ken-wick-ed’; named after the Kenwick neighborhood in Lexington, KY where he records and resides) is quite possibly the most soothing and gentle so far. Soft guitar waves laced over shadowy electronic drum snaps, with Case’s charmingly Southern-tinged and silvery voice, bring to mind the more intimate sounds of 80s Flying Nun records. A few breathtaking and hypnotizing instrumentals provide for deep introspection and mellow mind surfing. Grade A+ songs from a truly mesmerizing songbird.

Gnarnia VIPs and dark pop geniuses, Love Cop, return with a flat out essential cassette. Taking everything magical from their first cassette and amplifying it’s appeal by 1000%, this is a true masterpiece. Recalling the best moments of Television Personalities, The Clean, and Factory Records bands like Joy Division and New Order, perfect pop goodness awaits. Fuzzy guitars, jangly guitars, crunchy guitars, dance beats, rock beats, witchy vibes, stoner vibes, it’s all here.These songs were written to stay in your head. No bullshit, just devilish, delightful, delicious pop magic. Pop magic is real. Want proof? Listen to this cassette. The album also features Rikky Gage aka Free Weed, lead crooner in The Memories & White Fang in a guest spot on the dark party groove “Witch of Webs”! Signed copies will be available at their performance at Gnar Tapes SXSW Showcase on March 15th, 2013.

Gnar Tapes is beyond thrilled to introduce to the world a new Portland duo for the new year. Love Cop are two stoner romantics transplanted from New York some years ago and have been friends of Gnar for awhile now. We knew they were working on a “new project” but had no idea that something of this pop caliber would come so soon. Truly on par with any of the best lo-fi cassettes we’ve issued but totally its own dream. What really strikes you is the feeling and personality that gushes from this exceptional piece of music. Blending classic pop motifs with gothy gazed-out atmospherics and 50’s teen dreaminess; lovely dark magic. This is the real deal!

Current Gnartist-in-Residence at Gnarnia, member of dream pop trio Melted Toys, and all-around charmer Brian Wakefield aka Emotional returns to Gnar with another cassette of handcrafted lounge-pop nuggets of the sweetest caliber. If you are familiar with the drum machine driven guitar pop of the truly beautiful sound of Meted Toys you will have a faint idea of what to expect. While similar to the new wave digital-age lushness of his main band, Emotional is more tripped out and stripped down, recalling soft and melancholic pop sounds of 80s UK softies Recorded to 4-track cassette while living at the Gnar Tapes house of Gnarnia and released while Melted Toys were on their opening North American tour for Christopher Owens “Lysandre”, “Ice Sculptor III” is the perfect sequel to last year’s critically acclaimed debut cassette, “Feeling”. For anyone down with the now pop sound, this cassette will get you through the Winter to Spring in the way only Emotional can.


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