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Less Win – “”GREAT””
Less Win re-release their debut album. One of last year’s finest records is now finally being released digitally. Less Win released their debut album “”GREAT”” in 2012. However, the album was only released on vinyl through the band’s own label Sixxxxx. But the vinyl media has its limitations in today’s digital age where bands usually win new fans through digital music sharing. Therefore, the eminent debut is now being reissued digitally by the Copenhagen based label Pad & Pen Records. “”GREAT”” is a record about ambiguity, confusion, powerlessness, vigilante, overheating, S / M, evil, distortion, joy, death, claustrophobia, illusion, doubt, uniformity, restlessness and sometimes nothingness. The group’s guitarist describes the record in the following way: “In my opinion – it is like the image of someone sitting in an hourglass:
In the beginning, the feeling of having all the time in the world, but quickly the sand begins to seep through his fingers; sinking further down against a claustrophobic little hole, while being able to see clearly through the glass – without being able to do anything.” The music was recorded in the band’s rehearsal room and vocals were done in the toilet. “The idea was not to make a pretentious album but, on the basis of individual songs, let the album create its own thread rather than forcing something down on it.” Out of this environment came a record that may sound like a mixture of industrial Manchester sound with the burgeoning post-punk culture right now coming out of a number of Copenhagen bands. LESS WIN manages, to incorporate awesome riffs and 60s catchyness, and “”GREAT”” appears as an estimate of how something vintage can be performed differently.


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