Liminal Noise

Kostoglotov – ‘Louis Althusser knows why my heart is asunder.’ C20 £4
Kostoglotov Cover - Louis AlthusserKostoglotov is the bedroom recording project of London based Daryl Worthington. He writes and records lo-fi, ambient and drone electronic music using a combination of Dictaphone, 4-track and laptop. His music has been compared to Windy and Carl, Vangelis, Mark Mcguire, and most unexpectedly, the soundtrack to old He-man cartoons. Edition of 35. Artwork by Diu Pii.

UMEZ – ‘Good Bye My Friend’ C20 £4
Umez Cover - Good Bye My FriendUmez are a newly formed Japanese band based in London making crazed j-pop with washes of noise, eccentricity and aplomb, coming to a point which has no real comparisons with anything else. Although they mix two negating music genres, their noise sound is pure heavy white noise matching perfectly with their pop sound echoing with sentiment. Edition of 35. Artwork by Diu Pii.


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