GOD 13 Slobodan Kajkut – ‘Sick Nature/City of Bore’ LP
imageFor Slobodan Kajkut there was always and intention to write a piece for hardcore/trash/speed/reaction duet Heifetz. Fascinated not only with their variety of different musical styles, that are part of their musical language, but also with their ability to perform with extreme level of passion and variation of sarcasm and severity, Kajkut wrote a piece that musically and physically tests their patience.Somehow, the piece titled City of Bore (named by Heifetz), illustrates the character of the piece. Literally, there is nothing happening, the piece is a half an hour of emptiness, filled with periodical points. There is nothing new in the piece itself, many artists, such as Taku Sugimoto and many others, wrote thousands of such pieces, but in this case, interesting is to hear how Heifetz perform such music, always on the border to explode, though with ability to abstain. On the other side, Sick Nature (played by Maggot, duet particularly formed to perform this piece), also explores punctuality but in a rhythmical way, and with slightly extended instrumentation.Each single note of the piece is performed with almost mechanical precision, which make the piece extremely cold. Various percussions and dynamic extremes from very silent, to extremely loud, make a great correspondence to boredom of City of Bore. This is the music where nothing makes sense… This 180g vinyl comes in beautiful self made silk-screened cover and is very limited to 100 units only, from which only 50 will be available for sale!!! TRY


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